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The ultimate Talent solution for scaling tech startups

No need for recruitment agencies. Refreshing isn’t it?

We hire entire startups with gamechanging talent, let us teach you how.

Reedmace Talent has a developed a system which has helped over 60 scaling tech startups to solve the talent problem.

Traditional recruitment solutions cannot compete. They are costly and actively prevent you from mastering your own hiring.

Our solution gives you everything that you need, to hire for growth, and whilst we are teaching you how, we guarantee to deliver your talent.

So, if you want to scale fast and be in control of your hiring, let Reedmace Talent show you how.

No need for recruitment agencies. Refreshing isn’t it?

What We Do

Reedmace provide an instant talent team to hire for you.
Plus the tools to hire your own talent moving forwards.


For Rapidly Scaling startups (Typically approaching Series A)

Startups that need to increase headcount rapidly – Learn how to be amazing at your own hiring, whilst we act as your talent team.

Single Hire

Startups needing One-off hires (Typically early stage / Seed)

Startups with no TA function or limited capacity can take advantage of our “One-off hires” service. We guarantee to hire your talent and provide everything you need so you can get on with running your business.


Instant talent boost (Typically Series B & beyond)

Startups planning a rapid headcount increase that are lacking in the resource to manage, can take advantage of our instant talent boost. Our experts work alongside your internal Talent team, for a period of time, providing guaranteed hires.

All of our projects come with a Talent Acquisition playbook documenting the best way for your startup to repeat the hiring process.

Scaling Startups

Who We’ve Helped

Since 2019, we have helped over 60 startups to hire gamechanging talent and shown them how to do their own hiring.

Jonathan Rothwell, co-owner of D55

“We are really pleased to be working with Reedmace Solutions in a bid to get the right talent to help drive our business forward. We chose to work with an equally, ambitious facilitator who understands our unique requirements in terms of technical skills, cultural fit, and our goal to grow our own teams.”

Change the way you hire forever