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Tech Startups

Learn to be amazing at your own hiring or hire us as your talent team

What We Do

We help startups to Scale, Fundraise and Exit

Startups looking to scale fast, will need to master talent acquisition. It’s no coincidence that all Unicorns have in-house talent acquisition teams. We show you how to get the right talent to scale.

Whilst we are giving you talent attraction superpowers, we work in-house as part of your hiring team.

At Reedmace, we pride ourselves on working with the best startups.  Founded in 2019, we have helped over 60 startups. From one-off hires to building entire businesses. We are often mistaken for being a recruitment agency, although this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Reach an exit with the right team

Halve the cost of your recruitment

Pitch investors with a solid talent plan

Speed up your startup success

Tech Startup life cycle

1) Startup formation and planning

Reedmace Talent advise on early stage startup strategy and help to identify and attract missing skillsets to accelerate growth.

5) Commercialisation

We help founders to devise the right strategy and find extraordinary talent to deliver market traction and build revenue fast. 


2) Funding Rounds

Show investors you are serious, with a Reedmace Rating certificate for your pitch deck. This proves your ability to acquire the necessary talent to reach your objectives.

Find gamechanging talent and advisors to help get your term sheet signed.

4) Building your product / service

Whether you are a hardware, software or service-led startup, we can help you assemble a winning team of experts to help you build your proposition. 


3) Assembling your startup's board

Whether you are making your first C-suite hire, assembling an entire board or adding to your senior team Reedmace Talent can show you how and do it for you.

NED / Advisor / Chairperson / C-level.

Scaling Startups

Who We’ve Helped

We have helped scale over 60 ambitious startups by revolutionising their in-house talent acquisition. We pride ourselves on our ability to help you grow your very own, gamechanging, talent pool.

Tiffany F

“Reedmace Talent hired me into the product team at a fintech startup. The interview process was fast-paced and seamless. They were very professional and organised throughout each stage. It was a pleasure meeting the Reedmace Talent team – I highly recommend their services.”

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