What We Do

Changing the way startups hire forever

What We Do

Pillars of our solution

Projects typically require us to provide some or all of the following pillars


Implementation of software

Creating process and documentation

Hands-on hiring

Giving startups a world class talent function

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Talent Acquisition For Tech Startups

We help startups to Scale, Fundraise, and Exit.
If you want to scale fast, you will need to master talent acquisition.

It’s no coincidence that Unicorns have in-house talent acquisition teams. We can show you how to get the right talent to scale.

Talent Acquisition For Investors

Rely less on recruitment agencies, scale faster with Talent Acquisition.

Our service has recently enabled a £30m Exit, a £16m Series A fundraise and benefitted over 60 startups in our first four years of trading.

Scaling Startups

Who We’ve Helped

We have helped scale over 60 ambitious startups by revolutionising their in-house talent acquisition. We pride ourselves on our ability to help you grow your very own, gamechanging, talent pool.

Del DelaRonde

“The best recruitment professional I have worked with for decades. Thoroughly recommended.”

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