About Us

Reedmace was founded in 2019 to help scaling startups to solve the “who” problem

Our Story

There must be a better way

Having worked with tech companies for 15 years, with more than 300 successful hiring projects under his belt, our founder realised that recruitment was not effectively solving the “who” problem.

It was costly and left startups frustrated, unable to hire effectively on a consistent basis.

We researched different approaches to talent at startups from pre-seed, all the way to unicorn status and discovered two major trends:

Trend 1

The best performing startups didn’t need recruiters. They had built a strong in-house Talent Acquisition function.

Trend 2

By the time startups needed to scale rapidly, they rarely had the capability or capacity to execute.

Changing the way startups hire forever

In 2019 we pioneered a new approach to scaling startups which would harness the field of talent acquisition as opposed to solely relying upon recruitment which is a small subset of the field:

Plug the Talent Acquisition gap immediately

Reduce the need for expensive recruitment agencies

Deliver rapid scaling

Enable startups to do their own hiring

Our stats…

Scaled startups

Recent exit (£m)

Series A funding (£m)

A word from our Founder

In 2018 I was in a position, carefully considering my next career move. I chose to create a groundbreaking business, focussed on solving the talent problem at scaling startups. By showing startups HOW to hire, rather than just doing it for them, I knew we could make a real difference. Since then, we have worked with over 60 startups and turned away many more.

We’ve had government funding, great press coverage and even helped a startup hire the right people to achieve an exit of £30m!

Our success to date has enabled us to offer an excellent career path for graduates, recruiters, headhunters and talent acquisition professionals.

By helping startups to solve their “who” problem rather than being forced to rely upon recruitment agencies, we fill a very distinct gap in a £29bn market (2021).

We have plans to scale our business rapidly and are looking for colleagues who want to be a part of the journey. The opportunity here is so much more than just a job. It’s the opportunity to build an incredible business together and share in the rewards of our success, while having fun.

Our Mission

What We Do

Use Talent Acquisition, to provide the best way for scaling tech startups to solve the “who” problem

Disrupt the recruitment and talent industry by building a revolutionary new model for hiring

Who we help

Startup Founders and Investors who want to scale fast but lack in-house Talent Acquisition skills

How we help

By creating a system for startups to be consistently amazing at their own Talent Acquisition

Enabled by software, documented process, knowledge transfer and people

Our Values

Known for providing the best solution to the “who” problem at tech startups

Sharing the rewards of our success with our colleagues

Scaling Startups

Who We’ve Helped

We have helped scale over 60 ambitious startups by revolutionising their in-house talent acquisition. We pride ourselves on our ability to help you grow your very own, gamechanging, talent pool.

CFO, Tech Startup

“Working with Dan was an enjoyable experience, he is full of energy and ideas. Incredible levels of service. A real eye-opener after the last 25 years of worsening service in the recruitment sector. We are so impressed with Daniel and Reedmace that we are actively considering putting Reedmace on a long term retainer because we need to recruit hundreds of quality staff.”

Let us solve your talent problem